8 ways get rid of that smell from your shoes

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Shoe Odor can make you feel embarrassed when you need to remove your shoes in public. Because after removing the shoes the unpleasant sharp smell coming out of the shoes can be nauseating. You can easily get rid of the smell if you can identify why your shoes stink.

There are different reasons why your shoes smell. Try to identify the source or reason for the odor and eliminate it. E.g fungal infection or bacterial infection or just sweaty feet. Bacteria and fungus can cause very bad odor on the feet. The pathogens transfer to the shoes when you wear them and cause the shoes to stink.

Here are 8 ways you to get rid of that smell from your shoes.

1. Used (dry) tea bag can ward off foul smell in shoes. Place any used tea bag in each of your shoes in the evening and leave it overnight. Your shoes will be fresh the next morning.

2. When you take them off, put a dryer sheet in them. One in each. It absorbs the moisture from your sweating feet and that is what causes the odor. Leave it inside until you wear them again. Replace it in your shoes when you take them off.

3. Try not to wear your shoes every day. Give them a rest on occasion and wear some other shoes

4. Do not use a hair dryer on your shoes. You will dry out the leather and your shoes will not last long.

5. Sprinkle your shoes with Sodium Bicarbonate powder and leave it over night

6. Place some cotton balls sprayed with perfume in your shoe cabinet.8 ways get rid of the smell from your shoe

7. Crumple newspaper inside them for a day after wearing them to absorb the dampness. This helps to rid them of their smell as well

8. Make sure you wash your feet and use natural socks (light wool or cotton), and if they get become sweaty, you can dust them with talc or baby powder and dry them.


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