Weevils: Simple, Natural ways to prevent them

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We all have had to deal with the problem of weevils in our food store. Most of the time it seems a mystery how they got there.

A description of weevils from Wikipedia is that they are a type of beetle. They are considered pests because of their ability to damage and kill crops. Over 60,000 species are in several families, mostly in the family Curculionidae

How do weevils get into your food storage?

Most times they are already in your food supply before it gets to your home. This may have started anywhere from the processing plant, the warehouse, the delivery vehicle, or the retail store. The longer you store your food item in the same place the higher your chances of getting infested by these pests.

Weevils  usually have all stages of its life cycle contained in the food. This comprises of the egg, larva, pupa and adult. Of the four stages, the larva is the most destructive.

Kinds of Weevils
Rice weevil

They range in sizes usually from 3mm to over 10mm in length depending on the species. Some The boll weevil, rice weevil, bean weevil, wheat weevil, black vine weevils, rose weevil, white pine weevil, cowpea weevil. There is also the granary and the maize weevil.

Prevention/Control of Weevils

I would suggest that you do not use pesticides because you run the risk of food poisoning. Use simple natural methods that have been known to work.

In this article from Getridofthings.com, Eric Ronning infers that most people more often than not have eaten these insects in their lifetime without being aware. He went on to suggest the use of some natural and household items that can effectively keep them away. This includes bay leaves, cloves and even matches.

Simply place any one of these into your food store. Other methods of control he recommended were to freeze your food, expose them to heat, remove old your old stock which has been contaminated and then maintaining a clean environment for storage.

I hope you got some ideas from this post. What methods have you used to keep your grains free of Weevils? Let me know through your comments.

[Callistus Dike – Easycleantips]



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