Tips To Remove Rust Stains From Clothes

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Having issues removing stain from your clothes? Have you recently put in a lot of efforts just to make sure that shirt looks adamantly stain free?

Don’t we all have one of those messy shirts on which we dropped a bit of coffee or some other product that caused that messy stain? In fact, in order to get rid of the stain many a times we tend to get rid of the shirt itself. The reason’s quite simple of course; while you are rushing to remove the stain, you ruin the shirt well enough.

You are not supposed to wash certain clothes in rough or hard water. But, let a stain drop on that and see the amount of things you intend to forget, especially the fact that you are not supposed to use water on it. How exactly are you supposed to remove these stains, if not with detergents and hard water? There are ways and techniques that you can adopt. Here are some stain removing methods that are being directed for you. You can choose to adopt them. They remove rust stains from clothes, and are pretty powerful without you having to spend hours behind them.

Lemon Juice with Steam

Never heard of this mixture, have you? Well, here it is then! Get a pot and boil some water in it. Once the water has boiled, turn the flame off. Now spread the cloth along the stained area on this pot of yours. Remember in case the flame is on at such a time, you may give way to fire. So, always keep the flame off. Now rub some lemon juice along the stained area. While on one side the steam is getting into the stain, on the other side the lemon juice is affecting the stained area. After a period of 15 minutes, just wash off the stained area.

Salt with Lemon Juice

Get some paper towels, and lay them out either on the floor or on some flat surface. Now keep the stained cloth on top of the paper towels. Sprinkle some salt along the surface of the stain. After a few minutes, you can rub the space where you sprinkled salt with some lemon juice. Now keep the whole thing under the sun. Gradually the sun will help moisten the area that has been covered with lemon juice and salt. Finally you can wash that stain off with water and never see it again.

Cream of Tartar

Got some cream of tartar back at home? Well, it is time to use it to remove the stain. Boil some water, at least two liters, in a pot. Add around 6 teaspoons of cream of tartar to this water. Once you realize that the pot has boiled for long enough, remove it from the flame. Get the cloth that has been stained, and soak it into this pot. Leave it soaked for an hour or two. Eventually the stain will come off.

Rust Stain Removers

The market is flooded with commercial rust removers. You can purchase one of them, and apply it along the stained area in the way it has been told in the manual. It will cost a bit more than the ones you make at home. The only reason to buy them would be the guaranteed results you get with them. Once you have used either of the stain removing techniques, make sure you run your stained clothes through the laundry.


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