The best mouthwash for halitosis (Bad Breadth)

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Halitosis, is a symptom in which there is noticeably unpleasant odor in your breath. It is also known as Bad breath. This is not your occasional bad breath which everyone experiences but a chronic form which may be due to poor oral hygiene or medical issues like respiratory infections.  Some common causes includes smoking, gum diseases, food particles from spicy and sugary foods, acid reflux and some liver and kidney diseases.

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No mouthwash can cure problem of halitosis

There is no mouthwash that can cure the problem of halitosis.

Mouthwash is more commonly used as a commercial antiseptic at home as part of a routine on oral hygiene. However, its use does not eliminate the need for brushing and flossing. Tap water mixed with some baking soda and/or table salt provides an alternative to more expensive mouthwashes. However, a mouthwash provides only brief relief in a case of halitosis.

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A good oral hygiene which entails regular flossing after meals and brushing your tongue to remove bacteria can help to control bad breath. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and tobacco to prevent a dry mouth.For chronic issues like gum diseases and other illnesses, it is better to seek professional help.


I would also recommend that you stay away from mouthwash that contains alcohol. This is because it makes your mouth dry. Dry mouth encourages bacterial growth which causes bad breadth.



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