Some facts you should know about body odor, deodorants and antiperspirants

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So how do we curb bacterial activity that triggers body odor since we must sweat in order to regulate the body’s temperature, get rid of waste and protect the skin

Sweating, is the body’s way of keeping us cool and preventing our bodies from overheating. We start sweating soon after we are born. When bacteria acts upon sweat or perspiration, we have body odor, which most people perceive as an unpleasant smell. Body odor begins at puberty, because that is when the apocrine glands begin to function.

Some other reasons for having body odor may be due to
  • consumption of alcohol or caffeine which makes you to sweat more
  • some medical condition also known as bromhidrosis or malodorous sweating
  • wearing thick fabrics that do not allow air to come in contact with the skin
  • some genetic condition which can be attributed to your family lineage

So how do we curb bacterial activity since we must sweat in order to regulate the body’s temperature, get rid of waste and protect the skin

Here are some ways to reduce body odor

armpit shave reduce body odor

  • Changes in diet. Spicy foods containing garlic and onions are usually perceived during perspiration.
  • Wash your body daily with soap when you take a bath. It is better to us an antibacterial soap
  • Shaving your armpits results in less space for bacteria to breed
  • Wear clean clothes made of natural cotton fabrics. This would allow air to flow on the skin thereby keeping away humidity which helps bacteria to thrive.
  • Use a deodorant which would help you to mask the smell of body odor. I recommend that you use deodorants made of natural ingredients
  • Use an antiperspirant that will reduce how much you sweat

I am going to discuss more about deodorants and antiperspirants because most of us keep buying antiperspirants in different forms when we actually meant to buy a deodorant.

About Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Deodorants do not interfere with the sweat process of the body while antiperspirants uses Aluminium as a major component to block the skin pores in order to reduce sweat.

There are many claims, yet to be substantiated that aluminum component in antiperspirants causes breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. So you may want to choose carefully between a deodorant or an antiperspirant. Some products are presented as a combination of the two.

I would suggest you go natural if you are not sure. You could try an aluminum-free antiperspirant alternative or deodorants that are made up of organic compounds or simply use simple house hold ingredients to create your own fragrance.

If you decide to choose deodorants made of organic compounds, make sure you read the label to know what active ingredients they contain. Some products may not be safe as they seem.

And if you decide to use household ingredients, here is a simple homemade deodorant recipe easy to find ingredients like baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil.
How do you like to remove body Odour? Share your comments below

[Callistus Dike – Easycleantips]

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