SLIDESHOW: Simple ways to rid your home of cockroaches

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This is a must read for all of you who have been struggling for a long time to get read of cockroaches from your home.

It can be frustrating to have these pest lurking around despite all your efforts, trying to get rid of them. I am sure you have tried so many insecticides while you could but they keep returning.

Cockroaches have some weird survival tactics. They can rest one spot without moving for eighteen hours a day, and can live for as long as a month without food.

Some other facts about them can be found on this page, one of which is that a¬†cockroach can live for a week without its head. They are not dependent on the mouth or head to breathe. The roach only dies because without a mouth, it can’t drink water and dies of thirst. Amazing!

A good understanding of how these creatures live will help you appreciate the problem at hand when dealing with an infestation in your home.

I have on this slideshow an insight on how to fight these resilient pests.

Simple ways to get rid of cockroachesKeep your house clean always to get rid of cockroaches - easycleantipskeep food sealed to keep cockroaches from breeding - easycleantipsDispose refuse regularly to get rid of roaches - easycleantipsFix water Leakages in your house to rid of cockroaches - easycleantipsUse simple solution of soap and water to get rid of cockroaches - easycleantipshomemade cockroach baits easycleantipsUse an insecticide spray for cockroaches - easycleantipsUse an off- the- shelf cockroach bait -easycleantipsUse cockroach traps - easycleantips

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[Callistus Dike – Easycleantips]


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