Simple Ways to keep your Contact Lenses Clean and free of Infections

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Do yourself a favor and use the lenses as they were meant to be used!

Contact lenses are sometimes preferred for the following reasons;

1. There is no problem with your contact lenses slipping off your field of vision during sports that involve agility and quick movements

2. Unlike eyeglasses, you do not have to bother about fogging while wearing a contact lense. Anyone with an eye for safety realizes the significant issues caused by fogged eyewear

3. With contact lenses, quality of vision appears more natural. This is important in sports and while driving, when peripheral vision and accurate depth of field is necessary

4. It provides vision that is free of annoying obstructions and reflections
5. Contact lenses are also designed to change one’s appearance and to provide healing effects

However, some disadvantages of contact lenses are that proteins and lipids, which are naturally found in tears, adhere to its surface, making it prone to natural deposits, such as calcium.Cleansing solutions for contact lenses

It is important to properly maintain your lenses to avoid discomfort or even eye infections. But it is important to note that there are options that help reduce this risk such as wearing daily disposable contact lenses, where you wear a new contact lens every day and can avoid maintenance and deposit build up.

Here are Simple Ways to clean and maintain your Contact Lenses to avoid Infections

1. Place the contact lens in your palm and put few drop of solution lens. Using your index finder, rub your hands in a circular motion.

2. Never use water to wash your contact lenses as Microorganism can thrive in water and cause infections.

3. Always wash your hands and keep it dry and clean as dirty hands can transmit bacteria and germs to your eyes.

4. Use only FDA approved contact lens cleanser as these solutions have enzymatic cleansers that help to clean up any protein deposits from the lens.

5. Soak your lens in the contact lens solution. And if you are busy or do not have time, you should soak for a minimium of 3 minutes.

6. Always remember to put on your contact lens before applying make-up. And remove the lens before removing the make-up. This way the lens will be safe from getting smeared.

7. Store your contact lens in its case when you are not using it. Clean the case first with cleanser and wipe it off dry before putting the lens inside.

8. If you must, use hair sprays before putting on your contact lense to avoid irritation to the eye.

9. Clean your lenses as much as possible.

10. Avoid any scratch while placing or removing lens by keeping your nail short

11. Replace lenses as often as prescribed

12. Do not use home-made or non-branded contact lens solutions

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