Natural House air purifiers (Aloe Vera)

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Multiple emissions – both visible and invisible – envelope us in layers forcing us to breathe anything but polluted air. Sad to say these polluting agents are the creations of us, mankind. In order to counter these and come up clean air we go on to produce air purifiers, once again products out of the laboratory. We fail to realize that nature has gifted us with numerous natural air purifier plants. These plants, when placed in homes and offices help us get rid of many toxins emitted by products around us.
One fact that we all know about plants is that they give us oxygen, something without which we would not be able to survive. They also take in carbon-di-oxide and make the air conducive to our wellbeing. But the thing that many of us do not know is that apart from giving oxygen and taking carbon-di-oxide plants also help clean the air. There are many such plants that act as natural home air purifiers.

Aloe Vera plant belongs to the lily family and is a very versatile one. It clears the air off formaldehyde and benzene, often by-products of paints and cleaners. These need very low maintenance and grow rapidly. The succulent leaves contain a thick gel which is very useful both for internal consumption and external application.

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