How to get rid of dust from your camera

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Cleaning your camera’s sensor can be easy when done patiently and with the proper tools.

How does dust get into one’s camera? I do let my sensor face down and i swap fast when i have to, yet i have had those tiny spots show up in a few shots in the past. How did they get there? Yet, i only use my DSLR occasionally.
Kevin O’Connor maintains that dust comes into our camera through opening camera bodies when we’re changing lenses.


He suggested using these best practices to protect your camera’s lens and sensor. From his post it is clear that preventing dust from getting to your sensor requires very precise, careful attention to details starting from any external surface contact with your camera to the type of tool you use in keeping your sensor clean.
Do not underestimate how much good you can achieve when you use just a damp cloth to wipe down the interior of your camera bag.This done regularly, “will keep dust in the camera bag to a minimum”.

While prevention is the best way to deal with dust getting to your camera, it is also important to know how to get rid of them when they find their way in. Though it is very good to know how to clean your camera yourself, since it would earn you some savings, you should think hard before doing so.

camera warning

Your camera warranty becomes void when you touch the filter. Always read and re-read your camera manual before you decide to do anything about dust in your camera. In any case, i suggest you should not just keep using  your camera because you don’t want to cause damage to some component, try to keep it clean.


If you choose to clean by yourself, here is a tutorial that shows how to do so starting from the ‘less risky technique’ to the more risky one which involves contact with your sensor

No contact sensor cleaning
No contact sensor cleaning

Here is a video tutorial by PhotoRec Toby using dry and wet cleaning techniques on your image sensor.

How much cleaning required depends on how often you use your gear. recommends that you clean whenever you need it. It could be once in a week or in a month – ‘a landscape photographer who is outdoors will pick up more dust and dirt than someone who never ventures out of the studio.’

Share with us your experience dealing with dust getting into your camera.

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