This is how to dry your hair. Do not use towels (with Pictures)

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Using a traditional towel to dry soaking strands is the worst thing ever. The coarse texture and dryness of a cotton cloth towel can cause damage to the hair, according to celebrity hairstylist and author Monae Everett.

When i see a woman for the first time, my attention goes to her hair, then other facial features like her eyes and lips. Beyond physical fitness, a woman’s hair is her crown which should be kept clean and shiny. Not filthy and dull. If you do not make the effort to keep you hair healthy, it will be noticed and could cause social and health problems with far reaching consequences.

In the following slides you will see suggestions from celebrity hairstylist and author  Monae Everett. The focus here is on better ways of drying your hair than the use of traditional towels. The illustrations refers a lot to women hair, however, men with longer hair (than usual), will certainly gain from these tips.

SLIDESHOW:This is how to dry your hair. Do not use towels

  • This is how to dry your hair. Do not use towels
    You should give keep your hair looking good at all times because other people will notice.

Click here to read more from Dana Oliver on Huffington Post

[Callistus Dike – Easycleantips]


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