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FOX19 – Clutter-free advice from an organizing expert:

  • A well-organized closet gets you out the door more quickly so you have time to focus on what matters – your family, your work
  • Your closet should be a happy place! It is a place to “shop” when getting ready so consider organizing it like your favorite boutique.
  • Try simple touches to make the space more inviting like labeled bins, cool hooks, add some art, paint, a rug to warm up the space.
  • Being organized extends the life of your clothing and helps you get more bang for your buck from each item you purchase.
  • Being organized is accessible to everyone, not just the stars

Hanging Clothing – Hanging items on matching hangers, organized by type, then color. Consider separating work wear from weekend wear to make getting dressed in the morning quicker. Every good closet has a mix of short and long hang. Best hangers from The Container Store.

Sweaters – Folded on open shelving, organized by color. Use a shelf divider to keep stacks upright.

  • For belts, hooks are the way to go with a pull-out rack or simple hanger.
  • Ties can be hung on a similar hook system or rolled and stored in a shallow drawer – always use drawer organizers and group ties by color.
  • Jewelry – By color and type. Wall system from The Container Store helps to keep items displayed. Use shallow drawer organizers for earrings and rings.
  • Handbags – Treat them like a work of art and display them. If you can’t see them then you’ll never use them.

Shoes – Open shelving by color and type is best because it’s always best to see what you have. Consider using The Container Store shoeboxes for dress shoes that are rarely worn. Bin for flip-flops and quick grab slippers.

Lesser Used Items – Consider storing lesser used items, like swim suits and baseball caps, in coordinated
bins on higher shelving. Don’t forget to label the bins.

Tips / Steps to Organize Your Closet
  • Set aside plenty of space to spread out. When you are organizing, the mess is always going to get worse before it gets better.
  • Do a little prep before diving in. Label five large boxes or bags – Repair, Toss, Donate, Keep, Giveaway (to family or friends) – so you immediately
  • know where to put an item when you remove it from your closet.
  • Sort the keepers before putting them back into your closet. For example, you may realize have four black sweaters. They might all fit, but do you need
  • four?
Tips to Declutter Your Closet
  • Schedule time at the beginning of each season to go through your closet.
  • If you haven’t worn an item in six months or a year, get rid of it.  Figure out what time frame works for you, set the rule, and stick to it.
  • Get rid of any clothes that are uncomfortable or just plain unflattering. Have your most honest (yet lovable) friend come over to give you an opinion
  • as you try on questionable items.
  • For one month, put shoes you wear on a separate shelf. This is the best way to figure out which shoes you actually wear. At the end of the month, get
  • rid of what you don’t wear.
  • Put the item back into your closet with the hanger facing the opposite direction. You’ll easily see which items you don’t wear.
  • Keep a box or bag in your closet. As you come across items you no longer like, put them in the box to be donated at a later date.
  • Use the one in, one out rule. For each new item you buy, make a decision to let one item go. It will keep you from over stuffing your space.
  • Figure out a local charity that could truly use the items. Donating to a good cause feels good!
Questions to Ask When Decluttering
  • Do I like / love this item?
  • If not, why am I holding on to this?
  • When was the last time you used or wore the item?
  • Is the item beyond repair?
  • Is the item even worth repairing?
  • Does the item fit the style / the way I want to dress?

[ Kara Sewell – Fox 19]

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