Here are 7 Ways to get young adults to clean their rooms.

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7 Ways to get young adults to clean their roomsWhen they refuse to do so

To start with, you might be a victim of your own parenting skills if you have a young adult still living with you, who refuses to clean their room.

Unless they are extremely illogical, it can help when you present a good reason why they have to clean their room.

If you’re telling them it needs to be cleaned because you say so, then you are making them feel that they have no personal space. You are also letting them know that they don’t have any control over how to live in that little corner of the house. This can reinforce any depression or feeling of helplessness they may have.

Here are 7 ways to get young adults to clean their rooms

1. Break chores into manageable steps – Cleaning areas one at a time can work for many different types of layouts; work it out with your adult child, which areas can be cleaned in which order. If he has trouble cleaning a particular area, help him break down the cleaning of that area into manageable steps. Example, first clean one bookshelf, take a short break, like 15 minutes, if needed, then clean another).

2. Don’t force them or they will repel – Just make them realize that this is the time, and now when they must realize that responsibility ought to be taken. Also follow through on any ultimatum you give them, then they will take you seriously and change7 Ways to get young adults to clean their rooms


3. Invite a visitor on a weekly basis – Tell them that from now on they must keep the room in good condition, and that from now on you’re going to invite a visitor on a weekly basis to come and look at it. This can be a friend, or older, respected member of the family.

4. Adopt a pattern of Cleaning – Have your adult child completely clean one area of their room (say, one corner or a basket or a pile of dirty clothes on a chair) one day, and help him/her decide which area they should clean on a particular day. The next day, have them tackle another area of the room. Continue this pattern with a different area each day until the room is clean.

5. Clean the messiest areas every week – Once the room is clean, they should clean whatever area of the room that is the messiest every week or so (or more frequently if an area looks like a pigsty within a much quicker period  of time)

6. Hire a housekeeper – But wait a minute, make them pay for it when it comes down to getting an external help.

7. Clean it yourself – You can clean the room and charge them for it. Either way they will understand the financial costs of keeping a room clean. It will be up to them to decide if they want to pay or rather agree to clean it themselves.

If they don’t clean despite these attempts, then this problem run way deeper than dealing with a messy room, and it may be time to talk to a medical professional about dealing with depression, as the mess may be a manifestation of that. But don’t let them use that as an excuse to live a dirty life!

What has worked for you? How have you been able to get your young adult child to clean their room? Kindly leave your comments below. Thanks


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