7 things you should never flush down the toilet

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Flush toilets use water to carry waste away through pipes called a sewage system. They improve health, especially in crowded urban areas, and are often the kind of toilets people want. But these toilets have lots of problems that may not be obvious.

The sewage must be treated to remove germs from the water before it returns into waterways or for reuse. So in order not to pass on things that cannot be treated or that are dangerous to the environment, I have provided a list :

7 things you should never flush down the toilet.

1. Large amounts of hair, string, dental floss, etc.This builds up and tangle in the pipes. A small amount of hair won’t really hurt, but you should avoid getting hair down the drain.

2. Condoms, feminine products, non-flushable/flushable wipes, and other non-dissolveable solids. They don’t dissolve in pipes, so they might create a clog. Even if the baby wipes are marked “Flushable”, the only items you should flush is toilet paper.

3. Kitty litter. The flushable type should be fine, but don’t flush non-flushable kitty litter.

4. Wall paint, weedicides/pesticides, caustic solvents, paint strippers/thinners, and other dangerous chemicals. It is really bad for the environment. It can harm the fish. Even if it goes through water treatment, there can still be remnants.

5. Small debris that is not caught in the first grid of the mechanical treatment, and that is not biodegradable (e.g., cotton swabs)

6. Substances that is toxic to the bacteria doing the work in the biological treatment (e.g., antibiotics)

7. Substances that the waste water treatment plant is not capable of removing from the waste water (e.g., many kinds of medicine)

Medicines can react and cause serious problems mechanically. Chemicals and other ingredients in the medicine can be very harmful to wildlife and can be difficult to filter out.But from maintenance point of view, tissue papers and condoms create a lot of problems to clean up from the equipment and hair being the second most problem. This is because its so small to be cleared from screening equipments & it gets stuck in the pumps and cause serious problems.



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