5 Steps you should take to Carefully clean your Eyeglasses

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Cleaning your eyeglasses should be a daily chore in order to avoid build-up of particles from dirt, oil, smudge and fingerprints. There are different ways of doing this. However, some of these methods may do more harm than good. In some cases, chemicals have been shown to react with coatings on the lenses which can lead the coating to crack or disintegrate.

Whichever way you choose, lenses should be moist before cleaning to avoid any scratches. Do not clean eyeglasses with the tail of your shirt because of reasons due to abrasion. Hot water and facial tissues should also be avoided.

Here are 5 steps you should take to carefully clean your eye glasses

1. Use warm water to wash your eye glasses

This will help to remove dirt particles and oil on the surface of the lenses. Rinsing the glasses in this way minimizes abrasion and scratches.

2. Wash your eyeglasses with soap

After the first step, some oil or greasy deposits may remain. It is important to use dish soap or mild hand soap to make further lens cleaning. Dunk the glasses in a container filled with
warm water and a mild dish soap. Swish the eyeglasses around in the container.

3.  Use tap water to rinse your eyeglasses

Running tap water will help wash off the liquid soap. Rotate the glasses so as to get both sides of the lenses washed. Ensure that no soap remains.

4. Use a damp cloth to dry your glasses

The cloth should be folded and used to touch both sides of the lens at once. Use the thumb, index and middle finger to move the cloth from left to right in slow motion. It is necessary to apply mild force onto the lens.

5. Check for spots or residual washing-up liquid

After drying up the glasses completely, ensure sure that there are no spots or residues of  washing liquid.

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