Easy tricks to clean sweaty foot imprints from your Birkenstock footbed

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I am yet to own a pair of Birkenstock clogs or sandals just because I see what they look like when they begin to show signs of foot imprints due to sweat and dirt. However I know they can be comfortable as the footbed had been designed with an arch to match the shape of the wearer’s feet. They are durable and can last for seasons.

A couple of times I almost paid for a pair but eventually gave up the idea when I think of how to keep them clean. But that was before I came across these easy tricks that can keep a ‘Birks’ looking new. Jessica Thomas had shared on Bustle.com some of these tips – quite encouraging to me – for anyone out there who finds it tough with keeping their Birks clean. She recommended using a damp cloth every few weeks to keep away dirts as it tends to cause discoloration of your footbeds

The use of baking soda and water to achieve good results is another option.In this post can be seen the before and after photos of scrubbing with a paste of baking soda.I like the final result more so because baking soda is a common household ingredient. Someone had hinted that similar results can be achieved with the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The Birkenstock company’s website also offers their own product, Birkenstock Cleaner & Refresher. To keep your Birk fresh, spray the entire footbed with these and wipe away excess moisture and dirt with a cloth. Jessica Thomas advices that you give your footwear at least 24 hours to dry completely.

I’d love you to share if you have a other methods of cleaning your Birkenstocks?



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